Bell’s Oberon

The seasons play a big part in craft brewing. Every brewery has certain beers that are available at certain times of the year. Often, you’ll find that the maltier, heavier beers — stouts, porters and brown ales — are prevalent in the winter time, and the lighter beers — kolsch, blondes, pale ales, wheat beers — are more often produced in the summer time. Many factors affect the idea of seasonal brews. The changes in temperature, productivity of resources, methods of brewing and simple tradition all play a part.

Bell’s Oberon Ale is one such seasonal beer. Available only in the spring and summer, Oberon is an American wheat ale produced with Belgian malts and Czech hops. This combination leads to a crisp, clean wheat ale with some fruity and spicy flavors. Best served without the orange that many want to throw in wheat beers, Oberon is not as light and watery as many would expect. It is a medium bodied beer, a bit of heft, yet remains refreshing. It’s a good summer beer for those who want something a bit tastier than your mass-produced pilseners and thin wheat beers.

Oberon is available at Brendee’s Irish Pub on tap and in bottles, while still in season.

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