Spaten and the World Cup 2010

In our last blog, Drew talked about seasonal beers, and in particular, one of our all time favorites, Bell’s Oberon. This week I want to discuss a classic Old World European brew, Spaten Premium Lager.

First opened in 1397 as the Welser Prew and renamed The Spaten Brewery in 1622 (after the company’s owners at the time, the Spatt family) Spaten epitomizes the Bavarian brewing tradition. Spaten has been brewed using the same recipe and practices since 1894, in strict accordance with the German Purity Laws (which govern all German beer production). Using barley malt grown in Bavaria and Hallertau hops grown in Munich, Spaten presents as a pale colored, light bodied beer that is common to the German Pilsner style. The crisp taste has a hint of citrus and makes for a refreshing summer beer.

Available on draft for $3.00 per pint, Spaten will be featured at Brendee’s for at least the next month as they are a sponser of this year’s FIFA World Cup. Come join us for the matches and enjoy a Spaten Premium Lager, or any of the other 16 beers on tap.



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